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Thread: server lifetime

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    server lifetime

    just wonder if you can consider an idea to keep this server alive for longterm project like 3-5 years and try to open 1-2 new projects per year to merge them with the old one

    reasoning behing this is pretty obvious, i know like 15 ppl which said exact this words, "i'm not gonna play on another 2 weeks server, its just a waste of time"
    some of them changed their mind after i said it'll be good for 1-2 months at least cuz i played here last year and it was good, but still, is it even an option for you guys?

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    Today, the situation on the L2 scene is truly such that many projects really end after 14 days, sometimes even less.

    In our 12-year history, it has not happened for a project to run less than 10 months. It would be nice to be able to keep the project longer, but over time the players themselves will start calling for a new project. If the server player base does not stay large enough, it is not possible to maintain it anymore. For this reason, we – Lineage2.cz start a maximum of one project per year. Our team consists from only a few individuals, we do not have the capacity to maintain more projects per year as well as more projects in parallel. All of us have normal jobs in addition to taking care about Lineage2.cz. Our priority is not financial gain (as is the case with many projects), but a quality gaming experience and stability that players can rely on.

    Running multiple projects in parallel is also a big financial burden. Donate is at a relatively low level compared to other projects, and we are trying to keep it that way.

    We strive to maintain the highest possible standard of our services. HW maintenance, security against exploits and bots, DDoS protection, marketing and advertising campaigns + other associated costs. The introduction of more servers would multiply these costs and would also affect the donate prices, to which the community has been accustomed for years. This would not do any good in our opinion.

    I hope I have answered your question well enough, if you have another don't be afraid to ask.
    The ideal way to contact us is directly on our FB.



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