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    Question How do Field Cycles work?

    Field cycles are special areas in the world of L2 which can have various steps, or levels as they are commonly called, which are achieved by specific activities that are usually different for each level.
    On Epilogue chronicle we have 3 Field cycle areas:
    1. Hellbound (HB progress in our Vault)
    2. Seed of Destruction
    3. Seed of infinity

    The leveling of field cycles has usually the same scenario.
    You need to perform various activities that add points to the current level of the field cycle. Each level of field cycle has a defined amount of points that need to be achieved, before the level is switched to a higher one.
    Once the amount of points is achieved, the field cycle is switched to a higher level.
    There is however one exception to the previous statement. Each field cycle level has "lock time period" defined. During this period all points that are gained to achieve a higher level of a field cycle are accumulated, but even if you achieve the amount of points required for a higher level, the level will not be switched until the lock time period expires.
    This lock time period starts when the field cycle is switched to a particular level (or reset to 1).
    In practice:
    Hellbound has 24 hour lock time period for all levels (except level 8 ). This is why you have seen on our web that the HB points were at 100%, but it took additional time for the level to be switched.
    Seed of Destruction has 72 hours "lock time" period for level 1 (other levels are irrelevant due to how SoD works), which means, that even if you kill tiat more than 10 times, the Seed of destruction will switch to crystal farming state only after these 72 hours expire.
    Seed of Infinity has a 3 hour lock time period for levels 1,2,4 & 5. Level 3 has a 24 hour lock time period.

    Last mechanic which I will mention is the "Drop time".
    Some field cycle levels have a drop time period defined. If during this drop time period no points are added to that specific field cycle level, the level of the field cycle will drop to level 1.
    This is important mainly for the Seed of Infinity level 2 . Level 2 has a drop period of 48 hours defined.
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