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Thread: Sumoneři

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    Prosím, chtěl bych se zeptat, jak fungují sumoneři a jejich sumoni. Mám na mysli atribute ve zbrani a brnění, ale hlavně subclass skilly, jestli fungují na sumona(haste, crit rate - focus).

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    Please i want ask something about summoners specialy effect of subclass skills(crit rate,haste, on sumon(cat,phantom..)

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    Myslím si, že je na to skill, který umožňuje přenos schopností i attributu(element + dark holy) na sumona

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    Subclass skills are not transfered to summon. Buff sharing of received active buffs from summoner to summon is from higher chronicles. Summon shares the attribute resistances of the master. Summon receives 80% of the attack attribute value of master, while the Master retains 20% of the attack attribute.

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    Do i need more than 150 attribut in my weapon? cause if attribute break point is on 150 attribut lvl i have only hope for that( my summon have 30 att lvl in basic attack)?

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    otherwise, i ll need put about 180 att in my S+ gr. weapon

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    to have ~150 attack attribute on summon you need 190 attribute in weapon. Other option is to use attribute boosting buffs - Holy weapon, etc.

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    Thank u very much u know



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