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    Exclamation Server maintenance & scheduled restarts & updates changelog

    14.9.2019 7:00
    • Bard’s Mandolin in now a Daily quest
    • Add upgrade option for Bracelet of Lifting and Shirt of Trader to Vendor

    17.9.2019 10:15 - NPC restart
    • Dwarven kinship quest reactivated. Interim reward was moved to the end of the quest so that it is not misused
    • Activate more zones for Slay the evil monsters event - RBs up to level 65

    25.9.2020 7:00
    • Fix academy circlet
    • Fix Twins UD
    • Fix Black judge - situation when a character tried to remove PK with summoned Sin eater
    • From now on it will not be possible to pull guards from Orfen away from Sea of Spores

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