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Thread: Vitality Items

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    Vitality Items


    I was ingame trying the vitality items that will be available after the 5th October.
    So there is Vitality Maintening Potion that last 10 minutes, and got 30 minutes cooldown. ( 1000 EC)
    And Chocolate Cookie, that give u full vitality, and have no Cooldown. ( 200 EC)

    Wanted to ask if its possible to add a "Vitality Cake" Its an item that u summon, last 1 hour, and give a 5 minutes buff to everyone on the range,
    Make an announcement saying where is it summoned could create pvp for the cake.
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    vote: NO

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    Vote: Yes, played another server and are funy pvp to use this cake. And its help players who no have condition($$$) to buy vit itens.



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