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    Dissable hide skill in SOD for next project.

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    jak ako nemaju H5 ku a jak potom spustali sinister ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nachrade View Post
    Dissable hide skill in SOD for next project.
    I agree, you have to take another class)

    admins heard us. that's cool!

    Unfortunately, I don’t have much time to play (
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    I played some H5 like RPG,beyond,Tales, Saga ( it is not advert and i know last 2 are almost HR ) but they are always making some changes to make it always different than the last one.

    1. I know this is mostly for mid rate or high rate servers where you have buffs for 2hours, but PvP zone is already near AQ so, why not to make zone just for lvls 47. For me personaly, PvP in karmians and C grade is funny but i understand not everybody like it and of course there is a problem with buffs if you cant get dances/songs and normal buffs, but there is always some way how to make it.

    2. Core/Orfen: As NEO wrote, no1 is killing these 2 epics because jewells bonuses are almost usless and m.def is rly low ( A grade ) Some1 can say AQ has low m.def as well but passives are usefull as fak.
    So lets make it more interesting like on other servers and make Core/Orfen upgradable. First lvl normal bonuses like retail but you can combine 2 Core/orfens in to lvl 2 where you get extra bonuses ( we can make vote about bonuses ) and than you can combine 2 Core/orfens lvl 2 and you get lvl 3 with next extra bonus ( again we can vote )
    I dont know what is max lvl to port to Cruma tower, but you can stay with low lvl, or change it and enable join Cruma Tower with High lvls.

    3. Auto events. I know there is no auto buff and most of these events need buffer, but you can make NPC just for this locations where you can get full buff with 10 minutes durations. I know it is feature mostly for mid rate/high rate servers, but as i can say from my perspective there was no PvP except epics first month. ( some CPs lvl to fast and locations were empty ) and casual players can join some PvP. If there is corresponding reward ppl will for sure join these events. Those events dont need to be just PvPs.

    4.Official events - I played just first 3 months, but if i remember corectly, there was just starting event ( with cat for newbie weapon ) and than mby 1 event during this 3 months ? I know official events are connected with time during the year like halloween, Christmas, New year, pumpkin etc. but these events are created in 90% for casual players and casual players making up online count.

    Just my personal opinion and i understand if some1 have differient opinion.



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