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    Post Server maintenance & scheduled restarts & updates changelog

    21.1.2019 - 7:00

    • ​Quest Rise and Fall of the Elroki Tribe - increase reward 3x

    14.1.2019 - 7:00

    7.1.2019 - 7:00

    31.12.2018 - 7:00

    24.12.2018 - 7:00
    • ​fix Baium no fly zone
    • fix Spectral lord Dark Curse & Kaboom switch

    17.12.2018 - 7:00

    10.12.2018 - 7:00

    • Restore olympiad back to 2 week period

    3.12.2018 - 7:00
    • Enable WC drop from RB 69-
    • Price for restore HP/CP/MP at Vendor changed to 1M adena (Vote section)
    • Add songs/dances before 3rd class transfer to vendor - for characters level 74 and below
    • Change duration of next olympiad period to 1 week so that end of oly period doesn’t coincide with Castle Siege

    18.11.2018 - 7:00
    • fix Chrono Cithara not stackable
    • add Rune of Seal Stones to DE Vendor
    • add SoE to Giran to character start inventory
    • Bonus Start Event vol. 2 - add B grade shadow items
    • Bonus Start Event vol. 2 - buffs to lvl 74 are for free
    • fix skill Provoke
    • fix boats

    12.11.2018 - 7:00
    • No changes

    06.11.2018 - 7:30

    • Server House change

    05.11.2018 - 7:00
    • change arrow rate from 2x to 1x
    • Rune grocery HTML fix
    • Fix debuff resist Heroic berserker
    • Fix heroic Valor - change Cancel immunity to Cancel Resistance
    • Fix continuous use of skills holding F keys

    29.10.2018 - 7:00
    • fix some time variables after switch to winter time now we are at GMT+1
    • distribute new system patch
    • add new recipes and runes to DE Vendor special section
    • modify teleportation to Baium

    22.10.2018 - 7:00
    • new modification in system patch 8.1
      • gama fix (you can just copy it to your system folder)
      • reduce-camera-pitch-speed - reduces mousewheel scrolling speed.
      • remove-wsad - removes character rotation & movement using WSAD.

    • Subclass and Noblesse options in DE Vendor enabled
    • Blooded Fabric added to DE Vendor
    • Symbol of noise fix
    • Disable /unstuck at Valakas & Antharas.
    • Enable test of Vault Marketplace

    17.10.2018 - 5:00-7:00

    • server maitenance

    15.10.2018 - 7:00

    • Queen Ant no restart zone
    • Fix Zaken buff through wall
    • DE Vendor Activate pet
    • Activate Cursed weapons
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    Dear Players,
    There will be server maintenance on 17th of October 2018. The plan is to finalize modifications related to server security which we were unable to finish last Thursday. This should be the last unplanned maintenance, everything else that will be needed in the future will be done during regular maintenance windows scheduled for every Monday.

    Maintenance will begin at 5:00 GMT+2 and will take until 7:00 GMT+2. The server will be unavailable for 2 hours.

    If you downloaded and applied the new l2.ini during the last maintenance, you will not need to apply any client modifications. If you did not apply the new l2.ini into your system patch you will find the needed file here: https://system.lineage2.cz/l2ini.zip.


    Vážení hráči,
    17.10.2018 proběhne údržba serveru. Máme v plánu dotáhnout úpravy kolem zabezpečení, které jsme nestihli aplikovat minulý čtvrtek. Měla by to být poslední neplánovaná údržba, vše ostatní se bude provádět při pravidelných restartech každé pondělí.

    Údržba započne v 5:00 GMT+2 a bude probíhat až do 7:00 GMT+2, server bude nedostupný 2 hodiny.

    Pokud jste si při minulé údržbě 11.10.2018 stáhli novou verzi l2.ini nebudete potřebovat žádnou úpravu klienta. Pokud jste si novou verzi minule neaplikovaly do svého system patche naleznete potřebný soubor zde: https://system.lineage2.cz/l2ini.zip.
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    The ideal way to contact us is directly on our FB.

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    The ideal way to contact us is directly on our FB.



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