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    Exclamation Character LOCK Protection

    Dear players,

    today we are introducing a new feature - Character Lock Protection. We believe that this feature will prevent thefts between players.
    The lock system will allow you to lock your character and therefore prevent anyone doing various operations with the character unless they enter the set PIN code. The character will still be playable, but some operations will be forbidden.

    How it works:
    there are 4 new commands you can use:
    .lock - Help
    .lock 1234 set - sets the PIN and activates the lock system
    .lock 1234 - activate/deactivate lock system
    .lock off - deactivate system & delete PIN
    (1234 is the PIN you set)
    There is also an Antibrute system, which will prevent Brute forcing the Pin. If the Pin is entered incorrectly 3 times in a row, it will be impossible to try again for 1 hour

    What operations are forbidden when system is active:
    Block Canceling of Sub-Class
    Block adding of New subclass.
    Block change of clan leader
    Block storing items in clan warehouse.
    Block use .unpackadena
    Block attacking of white chars / summons (excluding SiegeZone, BattleZone)
    Block attacking with a summon of white chars / summons (excluding SiegeZone, BattleZone)
    Block discard of an item from the inventory.
    Block sell items to the shop
    Block send items to another character on the account (Freight system)
    Block sell items to those who sit private buy (BuyStore)
    Block selling of items via private sell (PrivateSellStore)
    Block drop an item from the inventory on the ground
    Block Enchant of skills
    Block Enchant of objects
    Block assigning a name to a pet
    Block transfer of items to a pet
    Block deletion of recipes
    Block deletion of friends from your friendlist (/ frienddel)
    Block leaving the clan
    Block dismiss members from the clan
    Block canceling of quests
    Block removing of Dyes
    Block Crystallization of Items
    Block insertion of augmentation into weapons
    Block removal of augmentation from a weapon
    Block leaving from Alliance
    Block dismissing clans from Alliance
    Block transfer of items to the trade
    Block Inviting to Clan
    Block Olympiad registration
    Block usage of multisell
    Block private craft
    Block craft of items
    Block purchasing from NPCs - Disabled. Only selling to NPCs blocked

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