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    Twitch DarkElmore/streaming info

    Official Stream
    on page https://www.twitch.tv/darkelmore will be a official stream from our server. Start will be on beta and every stream will be announced on our discord with mention @everyone.


    What will you see there:
    Beta stream

    - pvp, tvt
    - olympiad
    - some raids and grandbosses
    - enchant wars
    *what you will see during beta isn't normal GM behavior what you will see on main server.

    Stream after grand opening
    - gremlin fight
    - giran look
    - mini events
    - olympiad
    - castle seiges*
    - some grandbosses fights**
    *To keep tactical information safe, streams will be delayed.
    Pvp for grandbosses will be streamed just for WBs with fixed spawn time (Baium, Antharas, Valakas, Frintezza), also with delay and will begin from the second spawn of WB with fixed spawn time. Streamed will be just PVP not WB farm.

    I'm a streamer and I want to stream from server too!
    Wow thats nice! We can put you stream section on our webpage https://www.lineage2.cz/en/dark-elmore/server/stream and add into discord bot to make in #streams room message of your live stream (to avoid spam mentions it will not be marked @everyone).

    To add in this list send me pm here on forum, or DM in discrod.

    List of streamers:
    - twitch.tv/uniquii
    - twitch.tv/mahtions
    - twitch.tv/k0folak
    - twitch.tv/faty13579
    - twitch.tv/f3ar1337
    - twitch.tv/cookiessc
    - twitch.tv/SirCherrox

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