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14-09-2020, 08:17
14.9.2019 7:00

Bard’s Mandolin in now a Daily quest
Add upgrade option for Bracelet of Lifting and Shirt of Trader to Vendor

17.9.2019 10:15 - NPC restart

Dwarven kinship quest reactivated. Interim reward was moved to the end of the quest so that it is not misused
Activate more zones for Slay the evil monsters event - RBs up to level 65

25.9.2020 7:00

Fix academy circlet
Fix Twins UD
Fix Black judge - situation when a character tried to remove PK with summoned Sin eater
From now on it will not be possible to pull guards from Orfen away from Sea of Spores

5.10.2020 7:00

Activate Gather the attribute crystals Event
Activate all zone of Slay the Evil monsters event
Activate Solo TvT Mon,Wed,Fri from 17:00-18:30 GMT+2
Fix aden zone for Slay the evil monsters event
Add chocolate cookie and vitality maintaining potion to Vendor
Potential fix for pet teleportation to instances (needs verification)

12.10.2020 7:00

Fix aden zone RB territory for Slay the evil monters event
Fix Pailakas quest step sometimes not changing correctly
Fix Quest for clan level 4 quest step sometimes not changing correctly
Activate Item Auctions
Fix TvT display event name when transformed
Fix Manor manager taking badges when clicking option to obtain nobless and character is already nobless
Activate Bonus start event part 1

19.10.2020 7:00

Fix some skills not being able to cast (BtB lvl 5 etc.)
Fix mounts not being usable in some locations (e.g: HB)
Fix retail bug with respawn of 3 rooms in imperial tomb.

26.10.2020 7:00

Fix Geodata on Valakas "stairs"
Fix issue with clan warehouse option when speaking with CH/Fort manager
Fix .petexp command not taking away any XP on pet death
Activate Squash event

25-09-2020, 18:10