View Full Version : Active players LF CP/CLAN

07-12-2018, 10:29
We Are 2 active players from spain (gmt+1) and we are looking for a clan/cp who needs ppl.
Our mains are archer, both have sub sps(for pvp too, like archer class) and also destro sub.

We have a full party box with sws79 bd79 wc79 cat7x ee79 and se 79 and 2 titans.
We are totally autosuffiecient only want pvp and fun, staying alone its too boring.
In a few days from here we must have draco bows and S gear, we are crafting now and making the noblesse quest.

thx for reading, wishes some clan with pvp are interested in us.

Preferent global clans, cause we cant talk russian xD.
the list of nicks you can write its here: DmN / Bardock(<--our mains), and the boxes: oraca, labana, krosan and rbkiller.

Edit: We are noblesse now.


09-12-2018, 12:51
Cmon guys no one interested in 2 noblesse with apetite of pvp?


11-12-2018, 13:11
Contact with DDOS clan, we need active players
"iNomad "greenpizzz "HEO