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01-10-2017, 21:23
This post should provide you with all the necessary information you need to play on Dark Elmore 16x Interlude server.

First you should start with client download and installation. A separate topic was created for this purpose and you can find all necessary information here (https://www.lineage2.cz/en/dark-elmore/server/download). In this topic you can also address any problems you might have with getting the client to run properly.

When you are done with the client you need to have an account created on our web, from where you can manage all of your game accounts. To login into our web manager please go here (https://www.lineage2.cz/en/portal/sign/in). If you have no web accounts created yet, please proceed here (https://www.lineage2.cz/en/portal/sign/up).

Once you are logged in your web account, you can create and manage all your game accounts here (https://www.lineage2.cz/en/dark-elmore/profile/).
Our game statistics “Dark Elmore Vault” can be found here (https://de.lineage2.cz/).

Any other questions, suggestions and comments you can either write into this section by creating a new post, write an email to info@lineage2.cz or contact one of our GMs in game.
Our team wishes everybody a lot of wonderful moments and a lot of fun playing on Dark Elmore.

Your GM team.